DeLAPACino911 Is In The Building

-DeLAPCino911 <$)

DeLAPACino911 is my alias, my name that people know me by only on certain basis… DeLa obviously pertains to music, for DeLa be my soul. Pacino is from the infamous AL Pacino…thats self explainatory, dude goes hard right. So when you put those two names together, you get best of both worlds. Music, and the “Game” ying&yang, you get me: DeLAPACino. Now lastly, I know I’m prolly taking up your pressious mastrbation time but this is the last point. DeLAPAC911 LA (Los Angeles)-(My destination) (PAC) I will rep mine till the day I DIE!… 911, I would this an emegency…

-DeLAPACino911 <$)


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