Kanye West @ MoMA Garden…

Mr. West in the BUILDING!

That man Yae recently performed at the Museum of Modern Art’s annual party in the Garden. Dressed in (L.A.X Gear) a grey hooded shirt, white tee, light blue jeans, and regular black sneakers this is Kanye at his worse (fashion wise). The Garden housed about 1,000 Jim&Janes, expensive suits, and even more expensive dresses. Its funny to see well dressed people at a Kanye concert, for some reason it just doesn’t even sound right…Suits&Dresses at a Yae joint? Weird… His 45 minute set went well, besides the tell tell signs of him not really wanting to be there. I think this performance was more so of a “Yeah, I’m still ontop” thing, he obviously ain’t care to be there. However there was a surprise… Jay-Z suddenly appeared and together they performed H$A$M, DOPE right? The Pictures captured were by Tommy Ton, a well known photographer for Vogue Magazine… Here are some pictures that he took… There almost like ART!




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