I’m sure you see the heading of this post and automatically think money, however there are more important things other than gwap. I’m slowly becoming more green, I mean how can I not with all the GO GREEN signs constantly in my face. It’s more than just doing what a sign tells me to do. Going green has many advantages on the universe and for us as humans beings, going green can also save green (now I’m talking about money). Of course going green means sacrificing some of your daily habits weather it be spitting you big wad of gum out, throwing away your plastic waste, and even soon driving your car to work. Going green is becoming more and more of a big deal in the world, when you think about it…where do you think all of our waste goes? Where does last nights dinner go after you’ve thrown away the bones? Landfills! I’m sure you can just imagine of how scarce this method is becoming, especially with construction constantly going on. If you ever tuned into the Green Network on television or even did your reaserach youll see that soon enough it’s going to be manditory to go green, so why not start now! Pretty soon the roads are going to start being narrowd in order to allow more bicyclist to commute, as workers are doing so now in some surrounding urban areas. Going green doesn’t mean hugging as many trees as you can by the way, as technology changes, so does the many ways we all can help create a better place for us to breathe! I am proud to announce that I’m on my way of becoming a committed green blooded individual. This is the introduction of my new category “GO GREEN”! Hope you enjoy!


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