Modern Relationships?…(Not For The Person Who Doesn’t Like To Read)

These days, when you take on a relationship, you also take on many other problems of your partner. Not saying that’s how its been in the past, just going by the way the world is, you never really know a persons past until its too late. Another downfall to modern relationships is that you just don’t know what the persons motive is from jump. You got the person that doesn’t know what love is, the person who looks for love in false ways, the person who’s LITERALLY crazy in love, and of course the your regular infidelitist  (yes I make my own words up) ie. Infidelity. I’m not saying I know it all, but I know enough, and because of all the social networks, I pretty confident I know what I’m talking about…Something that I know too well is love, and females these days think that its okay to treat a male any old kind of way, this may be a reason why I’m single today. Besides I like to have my priorities right before I try to take on someone else’s priorities.

The point of this entry is more so of a warning, today, if your like me and actually have a heart, you have to guard it. Yes you can be in a relationship, and guard your heart in a “trusting” manner, especially if you have your priorities right in the first place. This is a warning…Do You Actually Love?


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