Never Allow Anyone To Break Your Heart.

I always wondered why it always so important to follow your heart. If there was anything that I was going through my mom would say follow your heart. Now walking with Christ I see why following your heart is so important, God lives there! It’s important for us to follow our heart because our mind is usually corrupt, I believe it’s easy for God to work in us through our heart because as human we have many emotions. Because God was both part man part entity, He knows that it will be easier to work from within our heart, He knows what we need as humans. God is love, where else is he going to reside? When you devote time to God, and have faith and trust in Him, God will start to go to work from within you! He can accomplish more than we could ever imagine, only if you let him. So I challenge you, we as humans think that time is everything. Give God some of your precious time, by reading and communicating with God and watch how God transforms your life! Have faith and allow God to change your time into blessings God truly is Love!
May You All Allow God To Work In You!


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