Here Ye Here Ye….

Hello family, friends, loved ones, and those who share the same passion of blogging as I do…I know it’s been a while since I last blogged anything, I’ve been really extremely busy doing ABSOLUTELY nothing! Sometimes I guess you just need to take a break from life and the tasks that make it up. There comes that time where your lost, fatigue of worries, and just tired of the daily hustle and grind of living life.  Your friends start to fade away into their own busy lives, family can’t always be there and understand you no matter how close they are, you feel abandoned, and alone. Thank God for his love! God’s love keeps warm and content…This life is nothing but a test and when you continue passing the tests that life has in store for you that’s when you really become successful. My eyes are open, mind is free of negativity, and I’m ready to really start my life….again. With that being said, I truly love  and appreciate everyone who follows SwiftLifeAchiever, this blogg is my way of venting and getting my creativity out into this careless world.

Much Love,


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