The Water Tank Project

Being a person who had two green thumbs and two green big toes, this is a MUST for SwiftLifeAchiever! This project is a creative way for artist to transform New York’s rooftop water towers to raise awareness about conservation. Can you ever imagine the world without water? Its always the things that we take for granted that always end up being the number one resource that becomes scarce. The non-profit organization “Word Above The Street” is working with a number of artist who will create art work on 300 of New York’s water towers. Some of the artist for the 2013 project include Ed Ruscha, Tim Maguire, Tony Oursler, and Mark Sheinkman. Its also pleasing to hear that Word Above The Street plans to take The Water Tank Project around the world to cities such as Mumbai, Rio De Janeiro, Sydney, Mexico City, and many more! Now I’m not a resident of New York however I am up for anything that can add a couple years to this rock we call earth! For those who do reside in New York you can also contribute by shopping at Whole Foods in Manhattan on March 1, 2012, where 5% of sales will benefit this creative project! Keep up the good work Word Above The Street!

For more info visit Word Above The Street!

Word Above The Street:





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