Incredible Dream-Like Models of Faraway Lands

Iv’e always have been a “shy” fan of bonsai trees, I think just because of it’s unique shape, almost like a small portable tree! However these works of art  from Japanese artist Takanori Aiba take the regular bonsai to a whole different level! These bonsai-tree homes are made of materials that include stone clay, epoxy putty, copper line, plastic, and resin. I love the fantasy, or more so the imagination that was used in each of the tree home… heres a quote that somewhat describes his  creations “the beauty of spiritual accordance between human and nature in miniature.” DOPE!


Year: 2005

Time spent: A half year

Ice Cream Packages Tower
Year: 2010
Time spent: One and a half years

The Lighthouse-A
Year: 2008
Time Spent: 3 months

Hawaiian Pineapple Resort
Year: 2009
Time Spent: One year

The Rock Island
Year: 2007
Time Spent: One year



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