Old Church Turned Modern Bookstore

WOW! Talk about good place to read the “Good Book”… The project known as Selexyz Dominicanen Maastricht, desined by architecture firm Merkx + Girod, gives this 1294 cathedral a new use. The 13th century cathedral features large open spaces housing three-storey bookshelves, 1,2000 square meters of shopping space, a cafe, and a eating area. Its astounding to see the designers keep the same features of the old cathedral, even a table that has a cross in the eating area for those who still don’t BELIEVE…DOPE! I’d love to buy books from here, even do a little studying.

Via: http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/merkx-girod-selexyz-dominicanen-maastricht-bookstore-church


3 thoughts on “Old Church Turned Modern Bookstore

  1. I’m not sure I agree with turning churches into something else, but at least it’s a book shop and has something to do with culture. I’m glad they left everything as it was and just added some shelves.

    1. Yea, to most it could see a little risky…but yes, a bookstore is ideal for the space, and the original features make this space all the better! Thanks for yout comment!

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