Muhammad Ali For Louis Vuitton “Core Values”

What a (optimistically speaking) ICONIC photo! Muhammad Ali debuts his Louis Vuitton line “Core Values”, what a clever and smart way to come back out into the spot light, where have you been *Rhianna Voice*. The theme here is from one generation to another, with a DOPE tag line  “Some stars show you the way. Muham­mad Ali and a ris­ing star.” Photography by Annie Leibovitz. The 50′ in. Keep-All is exquisitely priced at  $1,525. Now I have to go and find out where I can buy this thing.



10 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali For Louis Vuitton “Core Values”

  1. Haha nicely put! I’m reading ‘I, Claudius’ at the moment, and Caligula’s name literally means ‘little soldier’s boot’ – I wonder what ‘little boxing glove’ would be in Latin…

    1. Robert Graves…NICE! I guess little soldier’s boot is fitting for that book LOL HMMMMM *Scratches Head* I don’t know…I don’t know…HAHAHA Thanks for the comment!

      1. S’alright! Yes, good old Bobby (yeah, I’d totally call him that to his face…). Loving the blog, just having a nose around. Keep it up good sir!

      2. I didn’t take that comment in (Parenthesis) sarcastically, some “writers”/”stars” need to be brought back down into the world…At least be humble that your on a whole different level…You Know?! But then again, I don’t really know him like that…hahaha sorry for babbling, tend to do that. Thank You, feel free! And I will as long as My Creator gives me the strength to do so!
        PS> BLUNTCRAYON (LOVE THE NAME) seems to be doing pretty good as well!

      3. Ahaha, I may or may not have just had a little/big gigglesnort at my laptop and POSSIBLY woken my house up, but never mind!

        Cheers m’dear! My blog is just where I juice my brain as and when it seems to need it. Because, you know, the whole Internet needs to see that… ***sarcasm alert*** hahaha

      4. HAHAHA Don’t mind me, just laughing at my computer screen… Sounds like a legit excuse to me *Shrugs Shoulders*.

        YES YES! Blogging is a better way of getting things out then possibly spazing on your boss about his horrid enthusiastic sense of “work jokes”. It’s better the whole world, then your co-workers seeing a side of you never seen before. Hey there just might be someone(s) somewhere out there like us! LOL

      5. Agreed! Although you seem to be speaking from experience with regards to the awkward working atmosphere…:D

      6. I was hoping you would pic that up…At least I would be emptied of any frustration tomorrow… I’m Tony by the way…

  2. Ahaha nice! I’m covertly operating under the name BC, my actual name should appear when I send you comments (doesn’t it?). I’m taking up your entire comment section!

    For other readers following the conversation – hello! How are you? Like this post, it’s top notch!

    1. Ummm, OH! I think it’s in your email name…LOL pleasure to meet you! No worries, its better than you than all the other invisible bloggers who comment! LOL
      Thanks for the advertisement!

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