Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program (Writers Block)

AHHHH! Where has all the time gone?! It all started a couple or more weeks ago when my area had a sudden/random storm, lost power for more than a couple of days. Now, I know there now excuses when it comes to being an awesome writer and blogger, but sad to say, I did get a little comfortable not writing anymore. It was almost like I was fighting myself, my heart wanted to write as soon as the lights came back on, but my body was saying “please, you really don’t feel like getting back at it”. Which goes into yet another life epiphany I came to. But first, it is quite crazy how the world and distractions can really halt you from doing what your really want to do. Even when there were so many topics, issues, and random thoughts that I wanted to share with you guys, I just couldn’t build it up inside of myself to sit at mys desk. My instapaper is full of lost inspiration and ideas and my memory is tired of thinking of what I was going to sate! Well, no use typing over spilled milk, the damage is done, or is it? Now to the epiphany, in this time, I’ve realized that I should really go for what my heart truly desires, I can’t let something so small stop me from potentially creating LIFE and INSPIRATION! My time off, I totally realized this is what I live for, this is what I enjoy doing! Life is art and you shouldn’t spend your time being a canvas, why not be the artist, the brush, the paint, and even the easel. Guys, there’s so much built up inspiration that I’ve discovered within myself, so maybe this time off was called for. Stay tuned for many great “add-on’s”, and be inspired! I’m glad to be back! Thank you to all my followers for continuing to be interested.

Now, Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program….



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