Good Morning: Don’t Fear, God Is (Always) Near!


“Yet I will rejoice in The Lord, I will be joyful in God, my savior” – Habakkuk 3:18
Difficult times, we all have them, but how many of you know that we as children of God will Always have Him to turn to when the going gets a little too tough? God knows everyone’s struggle, weather it be a simple situation or even life or death, to know that God will always be there for you takes great faith and confidence. We as followers of Christ are promised to obtain a sure-footed confidence through difficult times. In God’s perfect time He will bring about His justice and rid the whole world of evil. I believe greatly that situations we go through are only tests to allow us and train us to know what it means to call on the name of God! However meanwhile, until God gets here, we must live in the strength of God’s spirit, and remain confident in His ultimate victory over pain and suffering. Take this day to become a more faithful child of God, take every situation and make it a test. May God bless you all!


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