Love is more than just four letters commonly used in the wrong context,  love is more than just sex, its more than just bodies intimately  rubbing together until sweat occurs.  Most people could’t even fathom the magnitude of what love consists of, in the wrong hands love can be used wrong. We love things we can’t have, we love things that could’t possibly love us back, we love sin, at times we even love people who live in sin. Now, I can’t tell you everything about love, however I can describe the feeling you encounter when something sparks the four letter word. Lust is a sin, Obsession  lies within,  men crave the Voluptuous curves of a woman, thus we are left Empty, is that love to you? Can anyone tell me what love truly is? Love is but one thing, love is natural emotion that few encounter, I feel that love is a blessing. When you attain real love, you’ll know it. Cherish it…

Happy Valentines Day…



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