Sony | Playstation 4

Though there was no physical reveal of the actual console, we were still able to get a good look at what we can look forward to from Sony for the Playstation 4. From a live event in New York,  lead systems architect Mark Cerny and other playstation founders and guru’s shared some tech specs, and detailed demonstrations. With all the demonstrations and information, we also were able to take a look what we can expect the controller to look like. Now, I’m not an “ultimate” gamer, however  I think it is time for me to get back into my Metal Gear Solid and Grand Turismo games that I was ripped from.

‘the platform is by game creators for game creators – 
[configured] like a PC, but supercharged.’ the playstation 4 will use a X86 CPU, integrated with 8GB of memory
and a local hard drive. it utilizes APU technology and GDDR5 memory, which is typically reserved for
‘top of the line, high end graphics cards’. 

– Mark Cerny

Check out the Playstation 4 announcement below and other video’s below:

“the completely re-configured PS4 controller, the ‘dual shock 4 features a largely similar setup to
its predecessor, the dual shock 3 – but instead removes the previous start and select buttons,
and incorporates a front touch-pad, light bar on top of the controller and redesigned analog sticks.”



dualshock01 dualshock02 dualshock03 dualshock04 dualshock06


Via: Sony/Playstation


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