The Fletcher Hotel | By Benthem Crouwel Architekten

What a outstanding new landmark for Amsterdam, architects Benthem Crouwel have designed this astounding 60 meter hotel, The Fletcher Hotel that is. As the slim silhouette and the blue light illuminate the Amsterdam skyline, this is one sight that will still be around even after sunset. Even though the space of the hotel overall is somewhat limited, Bethem Crouwel was successful in using the space efficiently. The Fletcher Hotel consists of 120 rooms that circle the staircase which is in the heart of the hotel, the sixteenth floor houses five meeting rooms that can also be combined into one unit linked together. Though the hotel offers much more, finally, to literally top the amazing space off, the sky lounge sits at the very top of the structure. Even though on the floor below of the sky lounge, the seventeenth floor attracts many guests to its restaurant  Providing a distant range of impressive views of the capital of the Netherlands, this is one spot that I’d like to top the night off.













Via: Contemporist 



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