The world has many potholes you can easily fall into… Out of all the dark and treacherous potholes, I find myself in this very comfortable and pure place. That’s a blessing, a blessing not in disguise, but so obvious that you know it’s the Lords doing… The one of many things I learned about my creator is that He’s always around. I learned to cease my thoughts when I need this type of clarity. And sure enough, He replies to my confusion with his Holy Spirit, then, I start to breathe easy. I kinda get a little confident, the things that used to scare me no longer attain my attention. I look at fear dead in its eyes, Fearless child of God, however I became fearless by being fearful of The Lord… This kind of wisdom and knowledge couldn’t, wouldn’t dare be taught… The world has done a good job at eliminating all other sources of this kind of enlightenment. It’s time people know who the real God is, the real master in Chief, Jesus Christ… It’s time for change… It’s been a new day, I’m honored to say, I’ve seen it coming. I’ve completed all chapters in this book, Antonio is going to open this new book… Lets go… Lord Be With You All… God Bless…



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