Mr. West Is (BACK) In The Building!

Alright guys, I didn’t really care how late I was creating this entry, but it was all worthed in the end. I just wanted to make sure all the hype had simmered just a little before I began my rant on this amazing comeback from Kanye. It seemed to have just ceased a tad, so where do I began? Ok, so last week Kanye debuted his new single “New Slaves”  which features Frank Ocean and of course it’s a hit. However its how he debuted the single that caused the hype. Ye premiered his single at 66 locations around the globe with super-sized projections on the side of   buildings! What?! Like, who comes up with that ish? What a dope way to publicize your newest single.

Evidently the locations of the single were announced by Kanye via twitter, which he then prompt to visit his website. Which was also perfect timing for his appearance on SNL on the 18th where he performed a song titled “Black Skinhead” a sample track from Marilyn Manson.  My only issue with this showcase was the fact that I was not in any of the cities where this epic moment took place. C’mon Yeezy, Washington, DC though?! It’s the nations capital, Oh I guess Obama wasn’t rocking huh?

Anyway, among all those tidbits of greatness, not only do we now have a visual of Ye’s new album cover. We also now know the album title which is, “Yeezus”, which I’m not too fond of actually. I mean, just keep the God, and Jesus out of this.  The problem with artist these days is they think think there bigger than what God created them to be, that’s a problem. Chill, but whatever, Kanye’s 6th album has an estimated set date of June 18th. Let’s see if he can live up to all the speculation he caused.

Check below for all the topics that were talked about above!

One Love… Z





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