Good Morning | Do You Know When To Praise His Name?


Good morning! Hope all is well guys! I just want to start off by glorifying God’s name, making it known that I know who my God is, and just basically thank Him for his mercy!

This morning, I want to discuss knowing when to thank God is important to always praise God’s name, even in the midst of the storm. Though we go through situations where it may feel like were all alone, God is always there to provide his peace. I know it may sound awkward and may even be hard to do, but next time your in a situation, just thank God for it. With thankfulness comes clarity and assurance, only God’s peace can give you certainty that your going to be alright. We should thank God for the bad as well as the good.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. 

– Psalm 150:6

What an awesome way to end the book of praise. What a clear message, God provides us with two roads – the way to life and the way to death. If we choose God’s way to life, we still face both blessings and troubles, joy and grief, successes and obstacles. Throughout it all, God is at our side, guiding, encouraging, comforting and caring. When our life draws to an end, we realize clearly that God’s road is the right road. Knowing this will cause us to praise God for leading us in the right direction and for assuring our place in the perfect world God has in store for you who have faithfully followed him.

I’m currently going through situations in my own personal life that is forcing me to do nothing but thank God. Whether it be a lesson to be learned, or just God trying to show me something, I thank Him for it! Either way, I know that anything that happens in my life is God working in my life. I can honestly say at the age of 23 that I’ve witnessed and felt the works of God! I thank Him for coming into my life!

Thank You Lord! So, refferring to the tittle of this entry, do you know when to praise God’s name?

Peace & Clarity



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