J Cole | Billboard Magazine – Born Sinner


Wow, we’ve seen J Cole come a long way, I admit, I don’t think I personally give him enough credit. Sitting down interviewing with Billboard, he discusses his expectations for his second album Born Sinner. Already, we know that this month (June)  is going to be the month for record breaking album releases. So far as for rap/hip-hop, I have Kanye – Yeezus, Mac Miller – Goosebumpz, Wale – The Gifted, and of course J Cole – Born Sinner. Against all odds, Cole decided to induct himself into the competition against his fellow “Co-Workers”.


With  not only his own expectations, but also the expectations of his fans and label to produce another number one album, he still decides to up the ante and compete with other debuts. I have to say, I applaud his confidence to go against Yeezus and even The Gifted“I am not half as big of an artist,” he admits. “He’s legendary. He’s one of the greatest artists of this generation. But I just have that competitive spirit about me” – Cole speaking of Kanye.

Even Roc Nation VP of product marketing Liz Hausle seems to be on the verge of not having enough faith in Cole’s overambitious choice. “We’re doing everything we can to make this happen logistically,” she says. “But at the end of the day, he has a phenomenal album and we think it can stand up to anybody in the marketplace.” Most importantly, J Cole still finds it within himself to keep hope alive, and have fun at what he does! “I’ve always been an underdog, I feel like I beat the odds.” Cole states. 

So, let the album sales do the speaking! Check out some behind the scene footage of his photo shoot for the Billboard cover Q&A below. BORN SINNERS IN STORES JUNE 18TH



Shout out to Billboard for the interview!

Via: Billboard 


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