Good Morning | Need A Hand?

TGIF guys, hope all is well thus far on this rainy morning. I just want to share a couple words of encouragement, sometimes people need that extra push. Didn’t have time to refer to my notes last-night, however, God always places something in my heart. Lately it seems as if life’s tribulations have been pushing me toward the edge, the edge meaning my tolerance level. It can be so easy to just become fed up with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Truth is, everyone isn’t going to be there all the time to give you some words of encouragement and just genuinely give you some verbal help, sometimes you can feel alone.

I’ve realized that sometimes were not meant to have help from others, sometimes, God wants us to rely on Him and His guidance for EVERY situation and tribulation that you may face. Its become first nature for me to start seeing every day as a chance and opportunity for me to wholeheartedly put every problem I have into Gods hands. This technique takes nothing but pure trust and faith that God will supply every need for your life. Who ever said God’s teachings for our lives would easy? Words can’t describe how much more clearer I hear God’s voice, my vision has become set upon just faith.

No, its not easy, this world was created as a testing ground for us to learn how to get to heaven. If we want to walk God’s walk, ultimately we have to go through things. I’m here as a witness that God will always lead the way, even when there is no way. Keep your faith up and throw all negativity out the door. God has a vision and a plan for each of us, allow him to project the view into our lives, always remember He’s able. Trust in His leading’s.

Peace & Blessings!



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