Kanye West | Yeezus Tracklist

You know I couldn’t wait! Now that I have a visual of track names from Yeezus, I am even more excited to see how this album does. (Maybe this wasn’t a good idea, come one June 18th!) I’m also exited to reveal the final and actual album art for Kanye West’s Sixth album, you guys know how I feel about mixing religion and music. That crap he was about to put out was garbage, Tupac was the only one who could get away with that. Sometimes less is better…



(1) Awake The Dark

(2) New Slaves (Ft. Frank Ocean)

(3) Lightning

(4) On Site (Travis Scott)

(5) God (Interlude)

(6) Chained (Jay Electronica, James Blake, Lonnie Chia)

(7) Perfect

(8) Boxed Out (Chief Keef, RZA, Ma$e

(9) Black Skinhead

(10) The Follower

(11) Hypercritica (Tyler The Creator

(12) In The Heavens (John Legend)

(13) Demons



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