Billboard 200 | The Gifted – Born Sinner – Yeezus


Now that the ballots are in, according to Billboard 200 album charts, Wale’s “The Gifted”  is now at the top spot No. 1,  bumping Kanye West’s “Yeezus” down to third place. Even J Cole’s “Born Sinner” got to see some shine, taking No. 2. I actually saw this coming, I really think that people aren’t actually “listening” to Yeezus, with open ears that is. I believe that a-lot of people are just going off the actual beat, rather than what Ye is trying to say. Though I’ve yet to get through the whole album, from what I have been able to take in, its an awesome album. Yeezus is not an album to listen to on the way to your local bar or club, its different, it really shouldn’t even be in a genre.

With the above points given, ultimately these top charts don’t go off solely off lyrics, but an album as a whole. Gievn that fact, yea, I can see how Wale was granted that position. J Cole actually blew me away, suprised me, with his album. Again, I just think people were disappointed with Yeezus. Kanye will always be at the top of my favorites list, what do you all think? Please comment!



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