Justin Timberlake | Tunnel Vision VS YouTube

After being released on Wednesday, (July 3rd) then immediately taken down due to violation of indecency violations, Justin Timberlake’s Tunnel Vision makes a reappearance.


So basically Justin Released a 7 minute promo for the 3rd single from The 20/20 Experience – Tunnel Vision. However it’s not the length that has people concerned, it’s the topless, nude panty wearing beauties he has posted through out those 7 minutes. Considering the video to be in an obvious high violation of you-tubes code of ethics.

C’mon JT, you should’ve known you’d be getting someone’s Calvin Kliens in a bunch! However, gladly, one of the bosses over at YouTube thought the video to be a form of art, allowing the video to be re-debuted.

I’m so glad to see that Timbaland and Justin are back in the studio making these hits, it takes me back to the cry me a river days.


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