Kaws | Mtv Vma’s Moonman

MTV VMA’s moon man gets a (temporary) facelift from KAWS! During the 2013 Vma’s ceremony on August 25, there might seem to be an imposter. The iconic moon man that we all know and love for the past 30 years has been transformed thanks to Brooklyn based native designer/artist KAWS.

Known for his modern take on art, sculptures and collectable toys, the moon man will also take a turn for the modern. The “companion’s” signature X eyes and oversized crossbones will be incorporated to renew the moon man as we know it. Not only is this the first time the Brooklyn’s Barclays center will hold Mtv’s Vma’s ceremony. This is also the one and only time the moon man will get redesigned, hopefully the ceremony itself is as great.

The original moon man will reappear in 2014.









Click the link below to see the video where KAWS explains the creation of the new moon man.





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