Lilienthal-Zamora| Through Hollow Lands


What a statement piece! Collaborative team Etta Lilienthal and Ben Zamora creates Lilienthal-ZamoraThrough Hollow Lands. A maze of two-hundred fluorescent lights arranged into a geometric pattern – suspended from the ceiling. The dynamic duo was commissioned by the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, Washington. Joining a larger multi-media project, the museum considered Through Hollow Lands their greatest piece so far.


The 2012 piece was meant to produce a understanding of space that moved from ground to ceiling. Ultimately creating a maze which visitors could navigate through, or simply take in from afar. Lilienthal states that the goal was to produce an area in which visitors could experience the sensation of floating in light.

This installation is absolutely astounding! Check it out!






Via: Lilienthal-Zamora

Artist Page: Etta LilienthalBen Zamora

Frye Art Museum






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