Epiphanies | Faith!


  1. complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

What we need to realize about God, is that he is a God of FAITH. God puts ideas, thoughts, goals, plans etc into our spirit. However, it is faith that allows these things to come true, we have to attain faith to reap our harvest.

A person lacking of faith is (personally) compared to a vehicle with no engine. Sure you have a shell, you have an interior, sunroof, navigation, and maybe even some rims. Without an engine, none of that matters, you just have all these nice interiors with nothing to drive it, all those nice things just become stagnant.

Faith is our engine to allow our interiors (dreams, goals, etc) to come to pass. Faith is the fuel and the engine to all of our biggest desires, dreams, and goals. You must constantly continue to think positively and continue to have a strong faith. Simply without a strong faith, you will continue to feel incomplete and have no transportation for all those great thoughts and ideas.

Don’t be fooled, I can actually go on, without God, you don’t even have faith. I say that to say nothing can resume in your life without the spark of God’s touch ON our lives. So, take heed, if you don’t like what happening in your life, change what your doing. Attaining a relationship with God has become the ONE and ONLY best decision I have ever made over my life. It all starts and ends with him, what are you waiting for?

– Zeven


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