Jay Z: Made In America Festival | Documentary



Hands down, one of the most entertaining, intriguing, inspiring documentaries I’ve watched in the longest time! Made In America Festival as some of you may know took place on Labor day a month or so back in America’s state, Philadelphia, PA. What some may not know is that the festival was founded by rapper, producer, and business mogul Jay Z and his business partner Steve Stoute. Grossing about $5,000,000 in ticket sales and attracting nearly 80,000 people, it seemed to be one of Philadelphia’s main attractions on Labor day.

The 2 day line up included some of our modern day favorites, even some artists from earlier generations: Janelle Monae, Beyone, Run DMC, 2 Chainz, Public Enemy, Jill Scott, Odd Future, Nine Inch Nails, Wiz Khalifa, and Kendrick Lamar, (to cut the long list down and name a FEW).

But wait, I can talk for days about the actual festival, no, I wasn’t able to make it, however I watched a live stream from my home office. However, the Made In America documentary broadcast on Showtime is mind-blowing. Jay Z takes you behind his vision and also behind stage and gives you a look at what happens before the 2 day festival. Most artists who performed also make short cameo’s in the 1hr long documentary sharing there personal invitation to the festival and personal moments leading to there performance.

Very inspiring overall, a great message to tell the world, if you see it, your not BLIND! Go for it and take a hold your passion! Your DREAM, your LIFE!

Great job Jay! What are you waiting for, go check it out! Check out the trailer below! Also, click the link below the trailer to see some photos from the festival!

Made In America





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