Pharrell For Complex Magazine – Graitavtional Pull | Pharrell Week

Alright, lets start off by saying that technology for me these days could be taking a downward spiral. Call me old fashion, but there’s nothing like having an actual copy of your reading material. Even when it comes down to albums, I would much rather buy a copy, verses downloading it onto my computer. Now, you mean to tell me that I have to read some of my favorite magazines via my bulky, solid, tablet? Some things just should be left original, I guess I’m a purist. – My Rant

Anyways, with all that being said, I must admit, this new “digital underground” that has taken us by storm is pretty cool. I’ve never heard of a digital cover for a magazine, almost like something out the Fifth Element movie. Featured as part as a whole week dedicated to one of SWIFTLIFEACHIEVER’s favorite artists, Pharrell Williams takes a futuristic spin on your everyday magazine.


I’m sure the interview given by Joe La Puma was awesome, however I immediately got caught up in the photos by Timothy Saccenti. 

I highly urge you all to sit down and experience this new innovative way to read magazines and of course take time out to actually hear what Skateboard P has to say.  I have yet to actually read the interview, still too amazed at the overall concept of a fully digital magazine. The concept of a moving and interactive magazine is quite brilliant I must say, I do however recommend having a fast computer when trying to enjoy, the lag could be a little annoying. Overall though, a great first experience! Great job complex!

Check out some of the photos from Pharrell’s (digital) issue of Complex Magazine: Gravitational Pull







Still wondering what a digital magazine cover looks likes, check this out!




Photos Via: Complex Magazine /Timothy Saccenti 




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