The Back-burner

The back-burner – some things remain there forever, some things find there way into your daily routine. But, what exactly are we putting on the back-burner? Why are we putting it there? What made us put it there in the first place (procrastination, laziness, discouragement, etc), and finally, who the hell even created this non-existent place we put all our dreams called the ‘back-burner’ anyway? 

Needless to say, I’ve been misled as well in believing of this entity, this black-hole,I was tricked in believing that this empty space is a keep safe for all things that I should be doing this very moment. I’m not the type to make excuses, so I won’t, I will however take heed of what I’ve been doing, what we all have been doing. Which is THROWING OUR DREAMS DOWN THE TOILET!

Stop believing that these great ideas and goals we put off or aside or wherever you put them, will ever come to mind again, they simply wont. We must seize each and every moment we come across, we must take grasp and acknowledge all the wonders of this universe. We must find what motivates us, what drives us. We must LIVE! 



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