Sony 4K Projector


First there were the ‘junk in the trunk’ 90’s big screen tv’s, then there was the flat screen tv’s, however still with a ‘junk in the trunk’, then the ultra thin actual flat screen tv’s. Now, who needs a tv when your favorite football team can be viewed on the wall from a projector hanging from the ceiling. Sure, that’s great, but have you ever seen entertainment components that were discreetly hidden in furniture?





Consisting of a sleek, furniture-like design, the Sony 4K projector deliverers a 147-inch, 4K image on your wall, from only a few inches away. The system also features two cabinet units to accommodate your other (obsolete) electronics, and lastly two powerful speakers making entertaining visually stunning as well as sleek. With a price tag of $30, 000 you can turn your bare off-white walls into a state of the art home theater. Without mounting big boxes on the walls, great job Sony.






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