Jasper National Park | Glacier Skywalk

glacier-skywalk-jasper-national-park-canada-designboom-02 Located deep in the Canadian Rockies in the sunwapta valley, the glacier skywalk takes observation decks to the next level, all in a modern way. Allowing the observers to witness panoramic views on a curved glass floor, coming 30 meters from the cliffs edge, the structure was built right into the side of the cliff, allowing one to feel as though there apart of the beautiful landscape. glacier-skywalk-jasper-national-park-canada-designboom-01


glacier-skywalk-jasper-national-park-canada-designboom-03 Brewster Travel Canada and jointly developers Sturgess Architecture and Read Jones Christoffersen Engineering cut the rope on glacier skywalk early this month (May 2014). The modern take on the old-school observation deck is engineered from steel, glass and wood and adds a great way for spectators to enjoy Jasper National Park.  Check out the construction and what it’s like to be on glacier skywalk below:



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