Daan Roosegaard | Smart Highway

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaard opens the first “smart highway” which creates glowing lines to show motorists the edge of the road and other important markings. Located on 500 meter stretch of highway (n329) in the Netherlands, Roosegaard’s vision is the first step of revolutionary road condition innovation.


Glowing lines is just the first step, we have shown that we have the guts to take on a project of this magnitude. And that is the most important thing when it comes to innovation: having the guts to actually being to implement an idea like this.




The paint that creates the glowing lines was developed by construction group heijmans that absorbs light during the day, at night, it glows for eight hours. This is very futuristic, maybe a little bit TOO futuristic for my liking, but what isn’t these days. Looks just like a road you’ll find in the TRON movie. Pretty cool actually, the maintenance on something like this must be crazy though.




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