SoHo House | Chicago

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You never know where you’re staying until you do your research, introducing the newly added Soho House, Chicago. On North Green Street, Soho House Chicago is a newly renovated hotel that used to act as the headquarters of the Chicago Belting Company. Formerly known as the Allis Building, the historic five-storey industrial warehouse has now been added to the world renown fleet of SoHo House luxury hotels.

Located in Chicago’s West Loop, the five-star hotel was commissioned in 1907 by Charles Allis, an influential industrialist, art collector and philanthropist, a Milwaukee native.





Fast forward to the present time, the building that used to house raw animal hides now houses a whopping 15,000 square-foot gym. Above the gym there is a professional boxing ring, Technogym equipment, two fitness studios, and even SoHo House’s own MMA instruction and personal training spaces.

Screenshot 2014-08-12 22.52.26

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With a VERY generous fee of $240 USD per night, this prime historic location might be on the itinerary very soon, booking dot, YEAH!

Check out some of what the hotel has to offer in the gallery below.

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Soho House Chicago

113-125 North Green Street
Chicago, IL 60667
United States

Doesn’t this look like something the designer for the “Real World” shows would come up with? 


All Photography Credits Goes To – Via: SoHo House 


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