The Supplier, Supplies The Supply


Inspiration, confidence, motivation, sureness, these are all just tools that we use to survive, always draw from the source. None of these great characteristics mean nothing when thats all you posses, where are you drawing your energy from, where’s the substance?

Always remember that God is the source of every living, moving thing and is source of our very beings, without God, you have nothing. God is the water the makes a waterfall, he is the spark that brings light to the sun, he is the thunder that causes lightning, he is where energy comes from. Give your all to God so that in turn and in time he will bless you with these tools to better yourself, your life, and YOU!

When trying to reach a certain goal, or dream, or a new pentacle etc. always be sure to seek God before any of these things. Without God there is no substance, all these things in the universe are merely a shell, a vessel, full of nothing. 




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