NIKE SB | Templo Mayor – Mexico Cirty


Taking it’s name from one of the main temples of the Aztecs, the templo mayor, which translates to ‘great temple’,  provides a new – one of a kind skatepark in Mexico City.


NIKE SB collaborated with Mexico City government to create this new hub for the local skaters in Mexico City, and is now the first street league certified skatepark outside the US. Designed by California Parks, the templo mayor displays Aztec culture down to the graphics and even the handrails. The aztex-style sculpture by Mexican artist Luis Ponce just tops off the overall space.



“in recent years, we have witnessed the evolution of mexican skating and its skaters are now challenging at an international level. the continued growth of the sport was behind our interest to collaborate with the mexico city government and promote skateboarding further among the local community. now the city has a first class location where anyone is welcome and free to practice.’ – mauricio contreras, brand manager for NIKE SB

Check out gallery below and also head over to designboom for more photos!

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Via: Designboom, California Skateparks



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