‘Yeezus Just Rose Again’

Just when we thought Ye was settling down…


Though we have been seeing Mr. West and his family among recent PFW (Paris Fashion Week) events, rumor has it that Kanye West has an upcoming album in the works.


We even have a reliable source telling us that this new album from Ye is going to be “incredible”. Def Jam CEO Steve Bartels himself in a recent interview with Billboard calls Kanye’s new album “incredible” (why all the quotes, possible album title?)

It sounds incredible. He’s focused, energetic, happy and making unbelievably great music. Kanye always wants to make sure that when it actually arrives it’s at the best possible place it could be, that the first song is as big as the last. He’s the absolute bar of perfection in terms of that. I tell him all the time: Some of his previous albums are still testing out in the marketplace as high, if not higher, than when they first came out because the music is still fresh to people.”

To add to the anticipation and the anxiety of what to expect, longtime collaborator Malik Yusef tells Rolling Stone that ‘Ye’s been busy working’ – maybe this is why he’s been photo’d out “not smiling”. Yusef even compared the new album to a pair of – Timberlands?!

“This album is different. It’s like a pair of Timberlands; like how Timberlands are not quite leather and not quite suede. It’s not the smooth, slick Chicago music sound we have right now and it’s not the ruggedness of just ‘hip-hop hip-hop hip-hop.’ We’re still working like a motherfucker. We’ve been all around the world [recording].” 

Though Rolling Stone couldn’t get any title’s of the “20 finished songs” from Yusef on Kanye’s new album, at least we know there IS indeed a new album in the works. If you’re still on the fence on believing that Mr. KimYe is already pushing an album out, you can hear it from the horses mouth. Back in July, West confessed to GQ that he has a September release date set for his new album, yeah, its already October, and still nothing, but still!

All we can say is simply, “you ain’t no fuckin’ Yeezy nigga?!” You heard it first – stay tuned.





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