Over The Weekend | Inaugural Pardoning – Malia & Sasha Side Eye

Over the weekend at the president’s inaugural “pardoning” of the turkey, the ‘first daughters’ were caught giving the ‘side eye‘, but could the girls just be acting their age?


I have to say, I’m glad I got the chance to see this for myself, I came to the conclusion that this isn’t as bad as what the media is making it out to be. I took it as the girls were just either shy or bashful and being their age, besides, this is live television, or even a combination between all of those factors. It always has to be something we do that makes us appear angry or disinterested, why can’t we just, be?

To make things worse, GOP staffer is labelling the girls classless and saying there’re dressed like they belong at a bar, really?! Lay off the girls, seriously, what do you think?



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