New Music | Rae Sremmurd – Sremmlife


New album from Rae Sremmurd – Sremmlife dropped today, and to be honest, not so great. We first heard from the two Mississippi brothers (Aaquil and Khalif Brown) with their hit single No Flex Zone and of course No Type and most recently Up Life Trump and Throw Some Mo.

Though the two first singles we’re good by themselves, feature’s like Nicki and Young Thug definitely made me (and I’m sure others) anticipate the whole album more than expected. All I’ll say is that there should be a genre strictly for new artist as Sremmurd, I’m not totally mad at the album, just waiting for something a little more intriguing.

Record lables should be careful when putting unique dudes like RS in the hip-hop/rap category, people expect a new Jay, or Nas, and TuPac’s when we strictly want that raw hip-hop/rap vibe. This is pop to me.

Check it out for yourself via iTunes Radio stream below:

Rae Sremmurd – Sremmlife




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