Chicago’s Subway System’s Underground 4G Service




Chicago is stepping up and creating a solution to the most annoying thing – loosing service on the train while in a subway tunnel, I hate to be forced to stare somebody down when there is nothing else to look at.

The city of Chicago sealed a deal with T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon to install 4G services in the cities subway tunnels, allowing daily commuters to have mobile service, even underground. The major upgrade to the L’s 22 miles of subway tunnels will allow users to stream, upload, and even make phone call’s while underground, avoiding the pointless starring off into space. T-Mobile is now overseeing this project to construct a DAS (distributed antenna system) throughout Chicago’s subway tunnels, the underground renovation should be complete later this year – 2015.

New York City also started a similar project, which has alerady started providing the same 4G service’s in the subway tunnels of some of the World’s most subway stops, the New York City Subway System. All of NewYork City’s 277 underground stations should have either wi-fi and or LTE carrier services by 2017, get the list of already active stations here


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