Kendrick Lamar | To Pimp A Butterfly – Leaked

An artist’s worse nightmare! Last night To Kill A Butterfly was leaked a whole week early, while some members from TGE seem upset, some just seemed to be ok with it.


Right after wishing that this album would come out earlier than it was supposed to, I see these tweets from TGE member Dangeroo Kipawaa (CEO of TGE), and thought to myself “thank you music God’s“.

Apparently around 12am this morning Kendrick’s highly anticipated Sophomore album was found to be available on Spotify, causing Anthony Tiffith to explode this way, and quite honestly, I could understand.

Kendrick on the other hand seemed a little more humbled and chill, which is also, understanding. Nevertheless, Kendrick is Kendrick, anything this lil hommie from Compton touches will spark and cause a flame, so here you have it – To Kill A Butterfly

Can we also give a shoutout and pour some out for release dates, they just don’t exist anymore. Of course we have Beyoncé to thank for either revamping the trend of albums just falling from the sky, or thank her for creating this new exciting way of getting the fan base hype.


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