Lil Wayne LIVE! [Sorry 4 The Wait 2 Mixtape Release Partiez] – Fan Throws Beer Can On Stage


Screenshot 2015-03-23 20.36.18Despite the big feud he’s currently having with his label, Lil Wayne still shows fans love by throwing the Sorry 4 The Wait 2 Release Partiez – a series of parties in different cities for two months after the official release of the long awaited mixtape.

While on stage of the 4th stop on the party tour – Ft. Lauderdale, a crazy “fan” threw a beer can on stage, not only do you have to be crazy to disrespect Wayne, apparently you would also have to be white. Before Lil Wayne even began his set, this is what he had to say:

Before I get started, somebody threw a motherfuckin’ beer at me. I know it ain’t nothing but a motherfuckin’ white boy, ‘cause niggas don’t drink no fuckin’ beer.

Thanks to BallerAlert moments after the show continued, we see this. Lets take this as a lesson, [1]they’re a few of us black folk that do enjoy a beer, [2]never throw that beer can on stage at a Lil Wayne event. Check out the list of the cities above and see if the party lands in your hometown.


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