Motion Simulator – TL3 Racing Simulator


You ever went to the arcade as a kid (or a grown up – like me) and got on one of those racing simulators, and ever thought, how would I ever get my hands on one of these? Search no more, Motion Simulation created a top of the line racing simulator that will put those ancient arcade games to shame.

The TL3 Racing Simulator was developed by UK simulator designer Motion Simulation and a team of championship Formula 1 racers, resulting in the world’s most advanced professional simulator. With a fully adjustable cockpit, the TL3 comes equipped with a 200-degree spherical projector screen which packs about 6-millions pixels, allowing for the user’s experience to feel like a game of Gran Turismo, but on steroids.

Driving2                      Driving

Coming in at approx. $54,422 USD, you may want to decide if you’d rather have the real deal or settle for the best simulator you’ll ever experience. Check here for pricing/shipping inquires.


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