Lifestyle | Herzog & De Meuron – Triangle Tower (Triangle 2)

Finally approved by Paris city, Herzog & De Meuron’s “Triangle Tower” will now become the third tallest structure in the French capital, being the first skyscraper the city has seen in nearly 40 years. The Triangle Tower will be placed in the Porte De Versailles neighborhood – home to numerous convention halls.


The original proposal was unveiled in 2008, however with reluctancy from politicians and Parisians¬†regarding damaging the look and feel of the existing historic metropolis, the project was placed on the back-burner. Upon new pictures of the renderings, the Triangle Tower was reintroduced as “Triangle 2”.

After Paris recently raising the height limit for new buildings, Triangle 2 stands at a height of 180 meters, which will house a 120 room hotel, a fine-dining restaurant, a bar, and 70,000 square meters of office space. Modifications to the plans also now include 2,240 square meters of co-working space, a daycare facility, and other community facilities on the building’s lower levels.


[It looks kinda fictional to have something so modern in the same area as historic structures, but this is cool, there may be a new reason for me to go to Paris now.]

Pictures Via: Designboom


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