New Music | Drake Drops New Song’s On OVO Sound


This has been a good summer for music, Drake’s name is definitely a name repeated these days, even more as of late.

Drake’s new deal with Apple is looking to be a good business choice, last night was the 2nd show on OvO Sound Radio. Taking advantage of this new platform, Drizzy decided to premier three new tracks – “Charged Up”, “Hotline Bling” (remix of D.R.A.M.’s “Cha Cha), & “Right Hand”.

Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed (side eye), “Charged Up” is rumored to be Drake’s response to Meek Mill calling him out on ghostwriting allegations. The track definitely references some pretty recent topics and also (again not confirmed) lines pertaining to Nicki, maybe this explains Drake not immediately clapping back – this is how its done.

Our assumption is this – “Hey great Meek, you feel however you do, let me let you know how it really is through these tracks”. And we hear you Drake, it has been a while since we’ve experienced a good (relevant) music rap/hip-hop beef, takes us back to the Jay Z and Nas days.

Meek’s responce:

“You should embrace it, this could be one of our realest moments”

Check out the new tracks from OvO Sound below!



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