Sotheby’s Auction -David Bowie Art Collection

“Art was seriously, the only thing I’d ever wanted to own. It has always been for me a stable nourishment. I use it.. It can change the way that I feel in the mornings” – David Bowie/Collector

Many may never know how much of an art enthusiast David Bowie was, his massive and elaborate art collection confirms he was. The late singer’s art collection is set to go on display in London, New York, Los Angeles & Hong Kong, before a Sotheby’s sponsored auction – giving collectors and fans a chance of a lifetime.

A Sotheby’s auction will take place this November, staging a three phase sale of approximately 400 pieces from the exclusive collection of the late/great David Bowie. Starting 11/01/16, Sotheby’s New Bond Street galleries will exhibit the collection, which consists of about 200 artist.

Marcel Duchamp, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Henry Moore, Graham Sutherland and Damien Hirst are some of many artist to be seen at the auction – sell expectancy is over $13,million.

Check out clip below & world tour city/dates:

Highlights Preview World Tour:

20–21 September

26–29 September

12–15 October




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